Jul 2016 15

Achim Windel from German atmospheric EBM band Placebo Effect has suddenly passed away. 

Their most famous album was the classic “Galleries of Pain” from 1992, produced by Bruno Kramm (Das Ich) and released by his label Danse Macabre. For Release Magazine, this was an essential album and we often played Placebo Effect at our club nights and events.

The remaining two Placebo Effect members write:

“The message that Achim was taken from us, we can’t believe it.

For us just unreal. Inconceivable. We have no words!
As friends we have to say goodbye in thoughts
to an unforgettable time, which we share in common with you.

The scene is losing a brilliant musician, who leaves a mark.
We are in our thoughts in this difficult time with his family and will send you a lot of power.
We’ll miss you!

Axel and Christoph”