Morlocks frontman collaborates with ex-Ashbury Heights singer
Sep 2012 03

J. Strauss (Johan Fridh) is the mastermind and vocalist of Swedish industrial band Morlocks (that released the album “Outlaw of Fives” in 2011), but in his spare time he’s fiddling with his own solo material as Strauss Ex Machina. In the past he has released some interesting tunes and his cover of Alphaville’s “Sounds Like a Melody” impressed Marian Gold who invited him to Berlin for collaborations that might end up on future Alphaville releases. Mr. Strauss is also working with KMFDM.

Now he’s made a track with model/actress singer Kari Berg that’s called “The Sound of the Alarm”, which you can check out below. They say they might record more together soon. Kari Berg has recently worked with Swedish band Chaos All Stars and is a former singer in Ashbury Heights.