Mexico’s Hocico gets the best of treatment
Jul 2017 26

August 2 will see the release of the best of album “The Spell of the Spider” from aggressive electronic duo Hocico.

Erk Aicrag and Racso Agroyam (cousins Erik Garcia and Oscar Mayorga) have been involved in everything from track picking to remastering. The end result is highlights spanning over two decades, from their role as underground electro rebels to one of the scene leaders.

There are still many industrial and EBM fans out there who haven’t put their teeth into this band and maybe thinks entire album is too much to chew, so at least the regular version is perfect for them.

“The Spell of the Spider” is released as a red double vinyl and CD. The deluxe edition comes with the bonus disc ”The Dark Side of the Spider” and the limited fan set also includes the EP ”Spider Bites”.