Jul 2022 31

The founder and owner of Metropolis Records, Dave Heckman, unexpectedly died two days ago.

Stefan Herwig – Dependent Records, formerly Off Beat Records:

- He basically constituted and financed large parts of the North American industrial and alternative scene and supported countless bands and artists even in times of crisis.

Andy LaPlegua – Combichrist, Icon of Coil:

- I have no words. Dave was a very close friend, a brother, a mentor, and along with our European label, the reason for who I am today. I am absolutely devastated. Today we grieve a lost family member, and we will celebrate life, as he would have wanted us to do.

Rhys Fulber – Front Line Assembly, Delerium, Conjure One:

- There will never be another man who runs a label in the generous, kind and artist friendly manner that he did. He will be missed by many.

Daniel Myer – Haujobb, Covenant, Liebknecht.

- He was one of the few people in this business you could always count on.

Edward KaSpel – The Legendary Pink Dots, Tear Garden:

- Dave picked up The Dots back in 2013, supported us so well for 9 years, always came to our shows when we came to America, always kept in contact. I’m beyond shocked.

Joakim Montelius – Covenant:

- He meant a lot to both Covenant and to us personally. He and Gail even took the trouble to come to Helsingborg, Sweden just to hang out a bit. And he was very much the reason that Metropolis is the only label that we’ve never left.