Metroland fills the gap
Jun 2012 21

If you enjoy Kraftwerk and followers like Komputer you’re probably sad because there’s not too much of that stuff going on these days. Well, fret not, Metroland is coming for you!

This project by two Belgians who only call themselves Passenger A and Passenger S fully embraces the aesthetic set by the two aforementioned bands, with smooth analogue bleeps and drums, warm melodies and robotic voices singing about modern technology. Don’t let song titles like “It’s More Fun to Commute” and their weird obsession with the London Underground deter you, it sounds rather splendid.

Look for it after summer, when Alfa-Matrix releases the album “Mind the Gap” in September. One track called “The Passenger” is also available on the current Alfa-Matrix sampler “Sounds From the Matrix 012″.