Lustans Lakejer’s eighth album out now
Sep 2022 27

Swedish new romantic/new wave veterans Lustans Lakejer have just released a new album on their new record label Icons Creating Evil Art.

“Mörk materia” (means “Dark Matter”) is their eighth album, produced by Jan Lundkvist.

- It was created during a period of extreme creativity. I composed and wrote the majority of the album in a month. I couldn’t write that fast even in my teens, Johan Kinde says.

That doesn’t mean it was put out quickly; it was supposed to be released in November 2021, but as we all know the pandemic was still paralyzing the music business then.

The album contains their tribute to member Tom Wolgers, who passed away in 2020, “Den fjärde mannen”, previously released as a single. They also touch topics like refugees and extremism. But rest assured, most songs are about  love, desire and life in general – after all, it’s Lustans Lakejer we’re talking about.