Lindemann album out tomorrow – watch the new video
Nov 2019 21

November 22 marks the new album release “F & M” from the industrial metal duo Lindemann, with Rammstein’s Till Lindemann (Germany) and Pain’s Peter Tägtgren (Sweden).

There’s a bunch of new videos out, with “Knebel” being the latest (watch below). The AI-produced “Ich weiss es nicht” was released in October, the Rammstein-ish “Steh auf” with Peter Stormare in September and the crazy hiphop crossover “Mathematik” featuring Haftbefehl last winter.

Seven March dates in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine are the latest addition to Lindemann’s 2020 tour. The February leg will take Lindemann to Sweden, Finland, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, The Czech Republic, France and UK. Concert tickets are on sale now.

Don’t make the mistake of labelling Lindemann a small side project; these madmen have 255 000 Facebook followers.