Leslie Bayne joins Robert Enforsen at Electronic Winter
Jan 2016 29

Electronic Winter in Gothenburg on January 30 will offer a couple of surprises.

Leslie Bayne (ex Elegant Machinery songwriter and keyboardist) will join Robert Enforsen on stage and they have promised to play new songs.

EBM bands Cointainer 90 and Ekobrottsmyndigheten have recorded a special track just for Electronic Winter. The Troublemakers cover “Staden Göteborg” can be experienced in all its glory below…

The other live acts are British synthpop band Sinestar (new album “Evolve” out today), Aussie pop project Parralox (new single “Wildlife” our now) and German futurpop masters Neuroticfish.

Two of the (foreign) headliners for Electronic Summer will be revealed at Electronic Winter.

Electronic Winter 2016 is sold out.