John Fryer: “A depressingly apocalyptic version” of “What a Wonderful World”
Oct 2020 01

Legendary producer John Fryer has been hard at work bringing us new material from his own dark electronic project Black Needle Noise.

Fryer, known from his work with Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails, This Mortal Coil and even Sweden’s Ashbury Heights, has worked with several different vocalists to bring us a new album next year. “These Mortal Covers” will feature all-new takes on classic tracks such as the latest release, a doomsday interpretation of the Louis Armstrong staple “What a Wonderful World” featuring Tom Berger on vocals – out now (watch the video below).

- I have always loved the Louis Armstrong version of “Wonderful World” from when I heard it as a child and it has stayed with me ever since. So I wanted to make a very different cinematic version, a very rwith an uplifting feel. I thought of Tom Berger, my friend for many a year to sing it and I think he has done an amazing job to convey those haunting sentiments, Fryer says.