Iris (and Release…) to Electronic Winter
Sep 2012 26

Today, Electronic Winter in Gothenburg announced that US synthpop band Iris has been added to the January 12 festival line-up.

- We are so happy to get Iris back to Sweden and even though we knew that the band was taking a break we thought that it wouldn’t hurt to ask. Luckily the band has had great experiences in Sweden before so the singer Reagan immediately replied “I tell ya, if anything were to get us back on the stage it might be a trip to Sweden”, co-organiser Sebastian Hess says.

Iris joins Emmon and Mobile Homes. More acts will be announced soon.

The theme of the festival will be the history of the Swedish synth music scene with exhibits and more. now joins Electronic Winter for this reason and as a media partner. Sweden, and Gothenburg in particular, needs more festivals and big events after SAMA, Tinitus, Arvika and others are long gone. So we gladly do what we can to help when someone tries to put something together.