Industrial metal band Misery Loves Co. is stirring again (updated)
Oct 2019 01

Swedish industrial metal band Misery Loves Co. hit the scene with a bang with their self titled album in 1995 and was of course featured in the printed Release Magazine. Now, 19 years after their latest album they are back.

The band has joined Black Lodge Records and album called “Zero” hits the streets on November 29. The press release has this to say about the new material: “You’ll find pieces of all of rock and metal history on “Zero”; from goth to alternative rock, from ambient soundscapes to death metal. As always it’s very industrial, sometimes really heavy but always catchy”. You can get a hint of what’s to come in the video teaser below.

During their “off time” the band has self-released a few singles, with the most recent one out in June 2019 called “Way Back Home”. You can find these on their Bandcamp as well as other digital outlets.

To coincide with the debut album’s 25th anniversary a new edition has been released, with an unreleased track called “Release My Hate”. Apparently it was one of the first tracks they ever did together, but they didn’t think it fit on the album back then.