Industrial band Headscan returns, looking back at their career
Oct 2020 03

Canadian cyber industrial band Headscan released their last album in 2005, and has been quiet ever since. Now something is stirring in their camp again, and a bunch of re-releases are coming.

First, a Bandcamp has been set up, with all their releases. You’ll find both their full-length albums “Shaper and Mechanist” and “Pattern Recognition”, as well as singles. One interesting release is the “High Orbit Pioneers – Extended” which is a digital release of their self-released (only 50 copies!) EP that got them signed to Artoffact back in the day, before their debut album.

Another new release is the “Recognizer (2003-2005)”, which consists of a whole bunch of musical sketches that would later form “Pattern Recognition”. From the press release:

“Produced and recorded between 2003 and 2005, many of these prototypes did not make the cut or were transformed during the album’s design. Nonetheless, we feel they set the tone, give insight, and expand on what we set to achieve with Pattern Recognition.”