Icebreaker tour with the music of Kraftwerk
Jan 2014 17

Icebreaker, a 12 piece contemporary music group, will perform a reworking of Kraftwerk’s music called “Kraftwerk Uncovered – A Future Past” on a tour of the UK and Ireland in January, February and May.

The group specialise in contemporary music by modern-day composers, and have recently finished a Brian Eno/Apollo tour. They will perform a reworking of Kraftwerk’s music, taking in a broad range of their back catalogue. Sophie Clements and Toby Cornish will provide a film to accompany the performance, which was filmed almost entirely in the district around Düsseldorf Kraftwerk originated from.

Promising to be very different to Kraftwerk’s live shows, the series of performances will kick off in the IMAX Cinema at the Science Museum, London on the 24th January. More information available from