Jan 2016 28

Legendary Belgian band Front 242 has just released a new free remix EP on Bandcamp.

The EP is called “Detox Static” and features a whole bunch of remixes of their classic track “Take One” by artists such as Ad :Key, Eisfabrik, Kant Kino, Tefonik, Restriction 9 and Digital 440, including the original version remastered by Daniel Bressanutti himself. The band ran a remix contest in junction with their announcement of a vinyl (and CD) remastered reissue of “No Comment”, which is due out soon this spring. They received around a 1 000 remix submissions for this EP, but managed to narrow it down to these.

Also the Front 242 tribute album “Im Rhythmus Bleiben” is out now digitally and the physical release awaits – on March 11 in only 242 copies.

In addition to the “No Comment” re-release in 2016, the band has more releases planned this year (to be announced).