First single from pop noir duo Black Nail Cabaret’s 6th album
Dec 2023 07

The first single “Autogenic” from critically acclaimed pop noir duo Black Nail Cabaret’s new album is here – listen/watch below.

- The term “autogenic” means something that is created from itself and therefore coming from within. When you turn your mind to your body and listen deeply, you bring yourself back to the present moment. It is a form of self-hypnosis. The video represents a trip into a dream when images from the mind bubble up. It may be affection. It may be war. It may be beauty or fear. All these images just come and go. We are also paying homage to the imagery of the 90:s as its cult classics, movies, and music videos have left an immense imprint on us, singer Emèse Árvai-Illes says.

The Hungarians new album is called “Chrysanthemum” and will be released on Dependent Records on March 1, 2024. One of the main themes this time around is the primal fear of death that triggers emotions, anxiety, and the fear of letting go and the album, their 6th, is metaphorically named “Chrysanthemum”. There will be a 36-page artbook with a double CD, and a LP with black as well as white vinyl. Pre sales are open.