Jul 2016 12

Donald Trump inspired The Below to record the single “I’d Like to Punch Him in the Face”, out digitally any day now. This is the first release on the old industrial and synthpop label Accelerating Blue Fish in ages, and as it is distributed via SubSpace Communications, their first product since 2012 (even if it’s a small one).

The Below is an industrial noise rock project with the “bass abuser and sound designer” from the old Swedish industrial experimentalists Dr. Evil & The Boys From Below (who also works for the three labels mentioned in this article).

The Below released another track,¬†”Unarmed (An American Nightmare)”, last fall.

- Playground Music had it on Facebook for 3 days. 6 000 watched it and it got some really hateful comments. Racism and police brutality and sensitive topics. However, most comments were positive, The Below tells Release.

There are no other plans for ABF or SSC.