Fields of the Nephilim finalizes new album
Jul 2014 03

Dark rock legends Fields of the Nephilim have spent many months writing and preparing new material. Now they are ready to record a new album which title and release date is unknown at this time. Carl McCoy explains.

- Now is the time for me to let go and release some new Nephilim tracks which have been constrained to the studio for some time. Trying to concentrate the work and thoughts down to a simple single objective is always a difficult practice but thats the nature of the beast. Easy to find the beginning but always hard trying to reach the end. I’ll always close the door behind me to begin but it then becomes hard to find my way out when spending so much time in the dark. We are finally at the stage of recording and compiling the most important elements created and gathered.

Fields of the Nephilim are only playing a few concerts 2014.