Exclusive: First two Electronic Summer 2017 live acts
Dec 2016 23

We can reveal the first two live acts for Electronic Summer 2017 in Gothenburg.

Two German bands are first in line: Rotersand and Boytronic will perform at the annual synthpop and EBM festival on August 24-26, 2017. Many more will follow, of course.

Technopop duo Rotersand released their new album “Capitalism TM” on November 4 via Trisol and Metropolis. I recall they were one of the strongest live acts when I last caught them at the Amphi Festival.

Classic synthpop pioneers Boytronic are back in the game with skilled English vocalist James Knights (check out their Facebook page for new music). They have started to play live again and are preparing a new album.

Festival tickets are on sale.