Client returns with “Authority”
Feb 2014 27

“Authority” is the title of the new album from female UK synthpop band Client, 4 years after the last one. The return marks another line-up change, with Client N (Nicole), being drafted in on vocals, as we reported in November.

Promising to be slightly darker than in the past, while retaining the roots of the original Client sound, the 12-track album will be released on March 21st 2014. It is produced by David Francolini, known from Dragons.
The album is preceded by the first single “You Can Dance”, which was released towards the end of last year.
Track listing:

1. “Authority”
2. “Design”
3. “XXX Action”
4. “You Can Dance”
5. “The Shining Path”
6. “Refuge”
7. “After Effect”
8. “Faith”
9. “Artificial”
10. “Obsession”
11. “Quarantine”
12. “Nocturnal Eyes”