Danish electronic music veterans The Overlords return
Apr 2015 13

Danish EBM and techno veterans Overlords have returned and will perform live for the first time in 20 years. Their back catalogue are being remastered and re-released together with new remixes. 

Universal Music will release the Overlords back catalogue, remastered and with previously unreleased remixes throughout the year. We are talking about two albums (“Organic?” and “All the Naked People”) and eight EP:s. They also tell us a new Vince Clarke remix of “God’s Eye” and a new Youth remix of “Sundown” are to be expected soon.

Personally, I was impressed by Antler-Subway album “Organic?” when it was released back in 1991 and I still play it from time to time. This was before The Overlords went deep into techno territory.

The Overlords will also return to the stage, 20 years after their last appearance (I caught them live at a crowded dance gig at the Roskilde festival once). One of the concerts planned is at the Danish Deejay Awards on April 30.


Note: An earlier version of this text contained information about a new collaborative album project, based on details sent to us by The Overlords Corporation. However, the band asked us to remove this part.


Picture from 1993.