Cevin Key: new collection and Silent Hill score
Sep 2023 20

Cevin Key just released the final single, the dark and hypnotizing “Sweetness”, from his upcoming “bRap and fOrth Vol. 9″ album.

This collection album will be out via Artoffact Records on October 6.

-¬†bRap and fOrth 9 is a collection of some of my earliest recordings recently discovered on 4 track tapes. Most are from 1985 from the infamous “bites” apartment, a couple more from later but still made on a 4 track. Something about the collection of gear and this vibrant time made for a lot of writing. Enjoy the time capsule, Key says.

He is also working on the score for “Silent Hill: Ascension”, a spin off game in the “Silent Hill” franchise.

Still no word about a possible Skinny Puppy farewell tour of Europe.