Booking period for Kalabalik på Tyrolen festival
Apr 2016 27

The annual Swedish music festival for underground electronic music, wave and postpunk Kalabalik på Tyrolen, will announce new live acts every week now.

Their first artist release was all-female and impressingly global: Keluar’s Zanias (Germany/Australia), Group A (Japan), Fanny Kaplan (Russia), Drift (UK) and Aga Wilk (Germany). After that, Accíon Diplomática (Spain) and M!R!M (UK) have been added and the organizers expect a total of around 20 acts.

- The Swedish synth scene is conservative, looks backwards even. We try to challange traditions and show the diversity that actually exists, Christoffer Gunnarsson, one of the organizers says.

This year’s Kalabalik på Tyrolen will take place on August 19-20, as usual in an 1960′s amusement park (“folkpark”) just outside Alvesta in Southern Sweden.

Photo by: Fredrik “Schlatta” Wik Clarke