Bodyfest celebrates the EBM genre on Saturday
Oct 2013 22

It’s 4 days left to Bodyfest at the legendary Stockholm venue Nalen on Saturday. Das Ich, The Neon Judgement, Pankow, Spark, Container 90 and Pouppée Fabrikk make up the line-up for the annual one-day event.

- We are so pleased that Das Ich will come – it’s a really good band of course, and the frontman Stefan Ackermann is finally a lot better. Pankow who comes all the way from Italy is a personal favorite. It’s also great that Spark and Pouppée Fabrikk will play. We had planned for 5 live acts but when Pouppée Fabrikk got in touch with us, we just couldn’t say no, organizer Katarina Evasdotter Birath says.

How is the interest for Bodyfest this year?

- Ticket sales are good and it’s nice to see that people show the same interest in and appreciation for EBM as we do! Everyone’s always in a good mood at Bodyfest, that’s the best part.

Can you tell me anything about your future plans at this point?

- We’ll start by doing one hell of a festival, then we need to catch our breath and after that we’ll think about the future.