Dec 2018 14

Electronic music store Bleep has, for the month of December (and partly into January), set up a pop up store in East London. Located only metres away from Dalston Junction station, the store is the physical embodiment of what could be found online via Warp Records site since the 1990:s.

As well as stocking a range of electronic music, from across the spectrum – including soundtracks, techno, experimental and of course Warp releases – there have been a number of events held. We’re talking about DJ sets, live performances, and including the highly anticipated Aphex Twin retail event. Products were created to tie in with early Aphex Twin releases, including the famous umbrella from the iconic “Windowlicker” video, and sold instore.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to go there yet, there are still events including the Brainfeeder label to come – more details on the Warp website, and on itself.