Black Nail Cabaret drops third single from new album
Feb 2024 18

Hungarian electropop duo Black Nail Cabaret has just dropped their third single, “Darkness Is a Friend”, from their upcoming album. Listen and watch the video below.

Emese Árvai-Illés talks about her new song:

- When I was 6 years old, I was sleeping over at my grandparents’ house and asked if the light could be left on, as I was afraid to sleep in the dark. My uncle came into the room and said: ‘There is nothing to be afraid of, darkness is a friend. Say hello to darkness!’ – so I said hello. It was weird but also funny, and it calmed me down. There is only one scary thing out there in the dark: my own fear. The song had a more electronic sound originally, but I deleted the entire backing track except the humming and tried an analogue bass sample just for fun. We took it from there and it felt right. It sounded heavy enough to represent fear.

The new album “Chrysanthemum” will be released very soon, on March 1 to be exact. Black Nail Cabaret will also tour the UK together with Empathy Test in April.