Feb 2021 22

The Best of 2020 list and an accompanying Spotify playlist from Mikael Kahrle, Editor-in-chief, Release Magazine.


Rein: ”Reincarnated”
A strong debut album with a perfect balance between EBM and other influences.

Kreign: “II”
Surprisingly fresh, catchy and snappy body music from sweaty Phonix, Arizona.

Linea Aspera: “LP II”
Coldwave for a cold year. Alison and Ryan have inspired numerous synthpop acts to stay away from the sunlight.

Carpenter Brut: “Blood Machine OST”
Epic soundtrack tunes boosted by mighty machines. Franck Hueso channels Bladerunner, Jarre and Zimmer.

Black Nail Cabaret: “Gods Verging on Sanity”
Adds some well-needed drama and variation to the repetetive electropop genre.

She Past Away: “X”
Everyone from Boy Harsher to Front 242 add welcome variation to the Turks irresistible sound.

Hatari: ”Neyslutrans”
They don’t have rollercoasters in Iceland but this is a musical one.

Christian Gabel: ”Mikrofilm”
Inspired instrumental synth tunes take me back to my youth.

Tukt: “Tukt”
Like Wulfband has escaped from the madhouse. Excellent, detailed and powerful production.

Dive: “Where Do We Go from Here”
Dark like 2020.


Carpenter Brut feat. David Eugene Edwards: “Fab Tool”
A powerful fusion of bombastic electronics and ritualistic folk.

Indochine: “Nos Célébrations”
French new wave-perfection with heart and brain.

Rein: ”Dystopia”
Showcases Rein’s ability to master EBM, hard electronic dance and pop.

Diorama: ”Avatars”
A unique, futuristic digitalised take on darkwave.

Portion Control: “Claw and Scrape”
A slab of English raw body music power.

Empathy Test: ”Empty Handed”
The soft and emotional is balanced by heavy and driving drums.

Kårp: “Left Handed”
Advanced melodic beauty on the first song to be released after their magical debut album.

Ashbury Heights: “Spectres from the Black Moss”
Revealing confessions in a beautiful gothpop setting.

Twice a Man: “Naked”
Both Anna Öberg and my teenage favourites Twice a Man delivered strong albums in 2020. Karin My is next up.

Annie: ”American Cars”
She returned with her first album in 11 years, full of dreamy synths and nostalgic melodies.


Fresh EBM made in Phoenix, AZ. I took Route 66 through Arizona in 2000 and the music on the radio sounded nothing like this.

Ela Minus
A hyped and hypnotic Brooklyn artist that builds her own synthesizers – and delivers.

Nuclear Sludge
His heavy and instrumental electronic soundscapes kept me moving at the underground club Delirium in February, my last club night before we all switched to remote partying.