Dec 2016 23

Release writer Mike Whyte lists his favorites from 2016.

Mike Whyte


Radiohead: “A Moon Shaped Pool”
I liked it when it came out, I like it even more now – artist truly on top of their game.

Anohni: “Hopelessness”
Sometimes good electronic music becomes great with a vocalist. Hudson Mohawke and Oneohtrix Point Never got Anthony (of the Johnsons), so great reached new heights.

David Bowie: “Black Star”
An album that turned out to be an emotional goodbye from one of music’s greats, and one of his best albums in years too.

Skepta: “Konnichiwa”
A grime album tour de force, with an amazing live show to boot – probably a call for song of the year on this album also…

The Orb: “COW/Chill Out, World!”
The album the Orb always had in them, a truly ambient experience.

Underworld: “Barbara, Barbara We Face a Shining Future”
Everything you would expect from the duo, and more. One of the best early 2016 releases.

De La Soul: “And the Anonymous Nobody”
A fantastic piece of work from a group who have been influencing hip hop since the early 90:s.


Skepta: “Man”
I could have chosen at least two others, but “Man” is just so damn cool it has to be this one for me.

Aphex Twin: “Cirklon3 (Kolkhoznaya Mix)”
Another Aphex Twin release and another classic track – this one famously having a video directed by a young Aphex Twin fan.

Radiohead: “Daydreaming”
Not an obvious single, but a great track that reminded me of Boards of Canada.

Hologram_: “Vertigo Inferno”
The best track you haven’t heard this year. A stunning slice of IDM madness from the Ant-Zen label.


For me, this year was about the leavers rather than the newcomers. So RIP to David, Prince, Lemmy – innovators all.


Thom Yorke
Headliner at Bloc Weekend, and simply stunning. Great vocals and very cool visuals combined to create the highlight of the year.

Altern 8
Turned a late Sunday night into a virtual Bank Holiday Weekend with a set that had every single person in the place raving like it was the 90:s again (including the bar staff!).

My highlight of Sonar. A stunning set of great tunes and equally great visuals, with an interesting social commentary on the consumerist world we live in.


Thom Yorke is probably one of the best front men in the game right now, and with the band set to headline Glastonbury next year, it could be a big 2017 also.

Grime was everywhere this year, and Skepta was leading from the front.