Are you in the “Mode” for a box?
Oct 2019 15

We all know that on November 22 a new Depeche Mode box set will see the light of day. Today, Sony Music sent us a press release so know we know what it’s all about.

The new 18 CD “Mode” box set is overwhelming, as it features all the albums on CD plus four discs with B-sides, non-album singles, and other bonus tracks that are already available. The only new track not previously available on CD is their cover of “Heroes” by David Bowie, according to the track listing on Amazon. Sony’s press release mentions that there will be more material that hasn’t been available on previous albums. The extra discs are titled “M”, “O”, “D” and, you guessed it: “E”.

The limited edition black box set also features a 228 page book with photos and a complete lyrics collection. All the album art is also re-interpreted in black and white.

-¬†With everything together in this all-black design it feels like a modern reflection of who we are and where we’ve come from. The set couldn’t be more Depeche Mode, the band says in a statement.

1. “Speak & Spell”
2. “A Broken Frame”
3. “Construction Time Again”
4. “Some Great Reward”
5. “Black Celebration”
6. “Music for the Masses”
7. “Violator”
8. “Songs of Faith and Devotion”
9. “Ultra”
10. “Exciter”
11. “Playing The Angel”
12. “Sounds Of The Universe”
13. “Delta Machine”
14. “Spirit”
15. “M” (1981-1985)
16. “O” (1986-1990)
17. “D” (1993-2005)
18. “E” (2006-2017)

Big box, big bucks.