Anton Corbijn: Full Depeche Mode live film next year
Nov 2019 27

In a recent NME interview, Depeche Mode designer, photographer and filmmaker Anton Corbijn reveals that “we did a full live film that you’ll see at some point next year”. 

The ”Spirits in the Forest” movie is an emotional look at dedicated Depeche Mode fans, picked by the band members according to Corbijn, with limited concert footage. The film has received praise from both critics and fans.

Corbijn has no intention of making a movie about the band itself.

- I wouldn’t be the person to make it, because I know them too well. If you make a Depeche Mode film, it would have to be in the 1980-81 period – then that’s it, stop there. When it was all camp or crazy in Essex, he says.

He has no information about new music, but assume they will start work on a new album as usual. Corbijn was also asked what it is it about Depeche Mode’s music that makes them so universal.

- It’s the lyrics – they’re about life, death, sex and religion, generally. For a lot of people, that gives them something in difficult situations. Dave [Gahan]’s performance is incredible too. He’s in his late ‘50s. This film shows the last show of a 40 month tour and the guy looks like he’s fresh! It’s unbelievable. He was clinically dead in the 90:s, so it’s not bad going. Then look at the way he moves – he’s macho, he’s camp, he’s Jagger, he’s all of these things.