Alan Wilder-supervised Talk Talk tribute 2CD out now
Sep 2012 04

2012 finds Talk Talk being paid tribute by a number of peers, through new music and literature.

Talk Talk first appeared in 1982 with some notable vinyl releases, during the new romantic movement in England. After 5 influential studio albums of maturing styles, they quietly dissolved in 1992, after not playing live since 1986.

UK label Fierce Panda is releasing a tribute 2CD titled ”Spirit of Talk Talk”, with 30 contemporary acts making presence. The tribute collection’s musical direction was by Alan Wilder (Recoil, ex-Depeche Mode), who also contributed a Recoil track on disc.

The record company is hosting an one-off event September 6 at 229 Venue, London to promote the release, out since September 3. All profits generated go towards the Rare Bird Club charity. Special live acts that evening include some from the tribute 2CD, as well as some former Talk Talk studio and live tour musicians on stage. The core members of the band are not scheduled to attend this tribute event but Alan Wilder might show up.

”The Spirit of Talk Talk” is also the title of the first ever book capturing the essence of their decade long musical persistence, due in September on Rocket 88 books. One of the book’s main contributors is artist James Marsh, who illustrated most of the Talk Talk album and single covers with nature influences images.

This month respected label Verve has re-issued Talk Talk’s last studio album ”Laughing Stock” (1991) on vinyl.