Aesthetic Perfection injured – performed energetic show
Sep 2014 05

American industrial pop act Aesthetic Perfection was the finale act at the sold-out Electronic Summer festival in Gothenburg last Saturday. They put on an energetic and physical show. What few in the audience realized was that the band was injured.

Daniel Graves had an injured knee he could hardly bend before the show, and Elliot Berlin had a dislocated jaw and 5 broken teeth. Daniel tells what had happened:

- Elliott took a serious spill on the way back to the hotel from the show’s afterparty in Portugal. The cause? Me. I jumped on him trying to get a piggy back ride and he was simply too drunk to hold me up. We both fell, I smashed my knee, and Elliott smashed his face. Too drunk to realize the severity of our injuries, we went straight to the airport, bloodied and beaten, so we could make our concert in Gothenburg, Sweden. We drank our way through the pain and made it home safely (alive?). Elliott has since visited a doctor and discovered that he broke 3 teeth and dislocated his jaw. My knee injury is less severe, but I have health insurance. Elliott does not. I’m not one to ask for handouts, but I feel extremely bad for Elliott and want to help him in any way I can. I will be giving him some money for his medical treatment, but it’s going to be more than I can afford. If anyone feels compelled to help him as well it would be greatly appreciated. Elliott has even promised that the highest donation will earn the good samaritan one of his teeth. How’s that for an incentive?! It will probably be me…