Pop Will Eat Itself unreleased lost album recovered
Aug 2013 23

Many disbanded music projects have been resurrected, and consequently reissuing older releases or extra studio session tracks. We have news of late 80:s phenomene Pop Will Eat Itself. Cherry Red Records (UK) is re-issuing a remastered “Dos Dedos Mis Amigos” by Pop Will Eat Itself with extra tracks, and a long lost new unreleased album on Monday (August 26) as a 2CD set. Earlier this year, Cherry Red Records released other PWEI back catalogue CD:s.

After the success of 1994′s studio offering “Dos Dedos Mis Amigos”, PWEI were signed to Nothing Records (US) and their big-break momentum started. The band were performing festival dates, writing and recording a new album circa 1995/96, when they unfortunately financially imploded trying to get the album completed. The album PWEI were working towards will finally be released now, over 15 years later.

The second CD in this 2CD codenamed “PWEI96″, is being formally released as “A Lick of the Old Cassette Box” with 10 tracks never heard before, and two alternate versions, recovered from band member CDR:s, masters and archives. A separate vinyl-only version of these 12 tracks will be available on November 01.

Track listing: ”No Contest”, ”Hangman”, “Dehydration”, “Out of Darkness Cometh Light”, “The Demon”, “100% Is Shit”, “1-800-Outsider”, “I Am the One”, “Talent Plus Attitude Equals Dollars”, “Point Blank: Zero Return”, “Big Green Head”, “I’m Gonna Get Ya Baby”.

Past-members Clint Mansell and Adam Mole came up with the running order, and original Designers Republic artwork was re-used for the 2CD. New CD liner notes and explicit behind the scenes history excerpts were written by Mole. Listeners of the 1996 material can expect some of the guitar-mash electro-industrial beat in the vein of “Their Law” (collaboration with The Prodigy), but with more sparse vocals throughout.

Pop Will Eat Itself return to the live stage with UK dates alongside The Wonder Stuff and Jesus Jones in December.

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Photo detail credit: Kevin Westenberg (1994)