Aug 2020 05

Don’t miss our latest reviews of releases from Twice a Man, Arca, ke-ket, Einstürzende Neubauten, Empathy Test, Little Dragon and Kreign.

Aug 2020 07

The German television company NDR will stream M’era Luna Crypt Edition on August 7-8, with selected readings, Q&A:s and live recordings from past year’s festivals. [more...]

Jeremy Inkel’s solo album to be released after his death
Aug 2020 09

Front Line Assembly and Left Spine Down member Jeremy Inkel’s solo album “Hijacker” will be released soon. He finished the album tracks just before he passed away in 2018.


Aug 2020 12

In support of key workers dealing with the Covid-19 crisis, Wayne Hussey from The Mission is releasing a new version of “Tower of Strength”.


Front Line Assembly’s “Caustic Grip” 30 years
Aug 2020 16

30 years ago (this month), the Front Line Assembly classic “Caustic Grip” was released. I wrote a retrospective about it 5 years ago, interviewing both Bill and Rhys and their label boss at the time, Gary Levermore. Check it out!

Aug 2020 16

The second single off Twice a Man’s “On the Other Side of the Mirror” is released this week. [more...]

Aug 2020 22

Electronic music pioneering band Cabaret Voltaire returns with the first album in 20 years.


VNV Nation to live stream new “Coronation” concert
Aug 2020 24

On August 29, VNV Nation will live stream a full tour production show from Düsseldorf’s ISS Dome. [more...]

Erasure: big arena tour of Europe, incl. London’s O2
Aug 2020 28

Erasure has just released their new album “The Neon” (review coming soon), and is currently sitting at number 2 in the UK album charts, which is quite impressive. Now they’ve just announced The Neon Tour for next year.


Aug 2020 28

The German atmospheric EBM band Placebo Effect is back. [more...]

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