Jeremy Inkel’s solo album to be released after his death
Aug 2020 09

Front Line Assembly and Left Spine Down member Jeremy Inkel’s solo album “Hijacker” will be released soon. He finished the album tracks just before he passed away in 2018.

Now fellow FLA alumni Chris Peterson and Sasha Keevil, as well as mixer mastermind Greg Reely, have assembled it into an album, together with Jeremy’s father. Jacek Kozlowski from Artoffact has also been helping out.

The album will now be released under the name Jeremy Inkel, and the title is “Hijacker”. It comes out on November 3 in multiple formats. First, a digital release with 13 tracks. Then we have a 10 track CD version, and the intriguing vinyl release with some alternate versions of some tracks, in a very limited run. Hardcore collectors can also get a special vinyl test pressing.

According to the press release “It’s an album of hard-hitting EBM and techno grooves and industrial dancefloor experiments. But it’s also an album about late-night work. It’s about life on the road and backstage, about life in small towns and love in big towns. It’s an album that is all Jeremy.”

You can pre-order it right now at Bandcamp.