IAMX turns to crowdfunding for the new album
Oct 2012 01

Chris Corner is currently working on the fifth IAMX album. Instead of doing it all by himself this time around, he’s brought in the Grammy winning producer Jim Abbiss to help out. This has resulted in a slightly different sound, with an “acoustic warmth, electronic sex and an emotional strength that can only come from collaboration”. [more...]

Chrysalide gets signed by Dependent
Oct 2012 02

Even though Chrysalide’s album “Don’t Be Scared – It’s About Life” has been out in France since 2011, Dependent decided that they wanted to sign them and spread the word. According to the press release they manage to mix hip-hop, dubstep with harsh and noisy industrial. [more...]

Elektrostat festival in Oslo this weekend
Oct 2012 03

Oslo’s annual Elektrostat festival is coming up this weekend (October 5-6 at Månefisken). Marsheaux (pic), Karin Park, Kant Kino and Spektralized are some of the live acts, The Hacker, John Fryer and Gothminister some of the DJ:s.

Oct 2012 08

Swedish synthpop band Kiethevez recently started working on their new album, and now they have posted a short snippet from it. [more...]

And One celebrates 25 years with a farewell tour and a book
Oct 2012 09

And One can’t celebrate 25 years until January 14, 2014, but they’re already preparing. Steve Naghavi is the mastermind behind And One, and he recently wrote a personal letter for his fans where he explains that the band will call it quits in conjunction with the anniversary. [more...]

Oct 2012 17

We have moved and have a new address. [more...]

Oct 2012 17

German darkwave veterans Diary of Dreams release their new album “The Anatomy of Silence” on October 19 via Accession. [more...]

Depeche Mode to headline Swedish Peace & Love festival
Oct 2012 19

According to Festivalrykten.se and Aftonbladet Depeche Mode will headline the Peace & Love Festival in Borlänge next summer (June 25-29). Peace & Love competes with the new FKP Scorpio Bråvalla Festival in Sweden that released Rammstein the other day.

Oct 2012 19

Twelve years after forming The Clarke and Ware Experiment, Vince Clarke and Martyn Ware collect some 10 CDs filled with songs in one mega box. [more...]

Oct 2012 19

We don’t have much info about this at all so far, but the official Skinny Puppy Twitter account just tweeted that “we are working on a new Skinny Puppy album”. So, there you go.

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