IAMX turns to crowdfunding for the new album
Oct 2012 01

Chris Corner is currently working on the fifth IAMX album. Instead of doing it all by himself this time around, he’s brought in the Grammy winning producer Jim Abbiss to help out. This has resulted in a slightly different sound, with an “acoustic warmth, electronic sex and an emotional strength that can only come from collaboration”.

To ensure the completion of the album, a “making of” DVD, and the upcoming tour, Chris has turned to Pledgemusic – a sort of Kickstarter for music – where fans can pledge money for the project, in exchange for cool stuff. Check out his project page, where you can see what is offered for the different pledge tiers. I can’t see a goal anywhere though? In any case, it seems to be going well for him, with the project already at 87% as I write this, after only a few minutes!