Jul 2017 03

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Second Black Needle Noise album features everyone from Bill Leeb to Jennie Vee
Jul 2017 03

In April, we told you about John Fryer’s new Black Needle Noise track ”A Shiver of Want”, with guest vocals by Bill Leeb from Front Line Assembly and Delerium. On July 13, a full album will be released. Listen below. [more...]

Sonar – Barcelona – June 15-17 2017 – report
Jul 2017 06

Release’s Mike Whyte has returned from this year’s Sonar Festival in Barcelona, a celebration of innovative electronic music. Read his reports and watch his photos. [more...]

Jul 2017 10

Don’t miss our latest reviews of albums from Damage Control, Seven Trees, Lionhearts, Daily Planet, Little Dragon and Erasure.

Julian Brandt joined by Marina Schiptjenko on new single “Going to Nice”
Jul 2017 13

Tomorrow, Swedish synthpop and new wave artist Julian Brandt will release the single ”Going to Nice”, one year after the terror attack in Nice where Julian was present. [more...]

Infest with RevCo, Die Krupps and Wulfband in six weeks
Jul 2017 13

The line-up and schedule for the UK EBM, synthpop, industrial and noise festival Infest 2017 are now complete. [more...]

Jul 2017 14

Robert Alfons brings his synthpop project TR/ST back into the spotlight. Listen to the song “Bicep” below. [more...]

Jul 2017 15

The next Electronic Summer and Winter festivals in Gothenburg will be the last. [more...]

Another single and video from the new OMD album – synthpop bliss
Jul 2017 21

Check out the brand new Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark single “The Punishment of Luxury” below. It’s a strong synthpop song in a surprisingly heavy, very electronic costume and quite different from last single “Isotype”. [more...]

Iceland’s Legend returns with sophomore album after 5 years
Jul 2017 22

One of this year’s most anticipated albums (according to Release and many other similar media outlets) is set for an October 13 release. It took the Icelandic electronic rock duo Legend five years, but now their sophomore album “Midnight Champion” is ready for pre-order. [more...]

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