Jul 2017 15

The next Electronic Summer and Winter festivals in Gothenburg will be the last.

Both these annual synthpop and EBM events have been successful and praised by both the audience and the live acts. The organizers, Sebastian Hess and Henrik Wittgren explain:

- We have organized our festivals since 2012. We have loved every second of it but now we simply feel that it’s time for a change. When doing things in the format of Electronic Summer/Winter we feel we have become a bit limited when it comes to expectations from visitors, size, format, dates and venues.

Instead, they will concentrate on other events.

- We have some new ideas and will absolutely do more events in the future. But first we would like to end marvelously with the last Electronic Summer (August 31 – September 2 at Brewhouse) and the very last Electronic Winter (January 27 at Musikens Hus).

Hocico, Page, Boytronic, Rotersand, Portion Control, The Mobile Homes, Necro Facility and Kebu are some of the Electronic Summer 2017 live acts.