Belgian electronic and industrial music festival Eurorock returns
Nov 2014 03

The Belgian electronic and industrial music festival Eurorock returns in 2015. On May 14-16, Front 242, The Orb, Apoptygma Berzerk, Peter Hook and the Light, Vive La Fête, Legend, ASP, Suicide Commando and many more will come to the festival ground in Neerpelt/Sint-Huibrechts-Lille. [more...]

Nov 2014 03

Wayne Static (Wayne Richard Wells), once the frontman of Californian industrial and nu metal band Static-X, is dead at 48. [more...]

Nov 2014 05

VNV Nation have pulled out of the Alliance of Sound Tour, “due to a problematic situation”. Alliance of Sound is a North American tour package with VNV Nation, Skinny Puppy, Youth Code and Haujobb (November 28-December 20). Read VNV Nation’s statement below. [more...]

Nov 2014 06

Alison Moyet has been forced to postpone her tour of Europe to early 2015. A close family member is gravely ill.  [more...]

Nov 2014 06

First futurepop stars VNV Nation pulled out of the American Alliance of Sound tour. Now, German band Haujobb has decided they are forced to launch a crowdfunding campaign within the next few days. Read their statement below. [more...]

Nov 2014 07

There’s a new chapter in the Alliance of Sound tour story every day now and today’s chapter is spectacular. [more...]

Second Kollaps festival with Clock DVA, Dive and Henric de la Cour
Nov 2014 08

Alternative electronic store Kollaps Records in Stockholm has decided to organize a new, bigger festival 1 year after their 1 year anniversary fest. During 2 days – January 30-31 at Slakthuset – a long row of artists will perform on 3 stages.  [more...]

Kraftwerk will take their “Catalogue” 3D show to Copenhagen
Nov 2014 10

Kraftwerk will take their “Catalogue” 3D show to Copenhagen. Between February 26 and March 1, Kraftwerk will perform a total of 8 times at Koncertsalen (one album plus additional back catalogue songs per concert). See the schedule below.

Bodyfest – Nalen – Stockholm – November 1 2014 – report with gallery
Nov 2014 11

The annual EBM party Bodyfest was held at Nalen in Stockholm on November 1 2014. The lineup consisted of 7 bands, crammed into one evening: 11 hours of EBM to be expected. Here is Fredrik Wik’s report, followed by his extensive photo gallery. [more...]

Watch the music video for “Tenacious Love” from the new Qntal album
Nov 2014 11

Watch the official music video for the song “Tenacious Love” from the new Qntal album.


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