Nov 2014 06

First futurepop stars VNV Nation pulled out of the American Alliance of Sound tour. Now, German band Haujobb has decided they are forced to launch a crowdfunding campaign within the next few days. Read their statement below.

“So, there´s a lot of confusion going on about the upcoming tour in North America and our crowdfunding campaign we´re working on right now. Let´s put some facts together:

1. The participation of Haujobb on this tour does not depend on the success of the crowdfunding campaign. This campaign will be one with a “flexible goal”. It cannot fail. Even if we make only 10€, we will come over there somehow.

2. This all is not the fault of the organizators/bookers of this tour. We made the deal and get a certain fee per show. We calculated a lot of possible and impossible solutions for transportation/travelling/accommodation. This is now the last step, because we decided that we need some additional financial support. It came “last minute”, but the reason is simple: we didn´t really want to do crowdfunding. It´s always been our last option and we´re pulling that card now.

3. Here´s the funny part: yesterday VNV Nation cancelled the tour, right before we decided to make our announcement. There´s no correlation between these 2 situations. But, we love to read conspiracy theories. Go ahead! 

4. The crowdfunding campaign will offer CDs/downloads of our upcoming album (to be released in spring 2015), remix offers, and more. It´s not a “donation only” thing. (to those who think they have to pay even more than just the tickets to see us live).”