First no. 1 on Billboard for Oscar Holter
Apr 2020 01

Oscar Holter (from Swedish industrial duo Necro Facility) has landed his first no. 1 on Billboard Hot 100, the top spot in USA. [more...]

Apr 2020 02

We have updated our Spotify playlist. [more...]

Watch EBM duo Cryo live online tonight
Apr 2020 03

While the world is in quarantine more and more artists are taking to the internet to perform their music. Next up, Cryo!


All set for Black Nail Cabaret’s new Dependent album
Apr 2020 03

In February, we wrote about Black Nail Cabaret and the ambitious “synth noir” duo’s signing to Dependent Records. Now, all is set for their new album: “Gods Verging on Sanity”. [more...]

Apr 2020 06

Apoptygma Berzerk have just released a digital B-sides and rarities compilation, out of the blue. [more...]

Absurd Minds celebrates 25 years of electropop
Apr 2020 07

Stefan Grossmann and his cohorts have just released a brand new Absurd Minds album. Aptly named “Sapta” (means “Seven” in sanskrit), the twelve track electropop effort was released April 3rd. [more...]

Successful single release from Einstürzende Neubauten
Apr 2020 08

Judging from the comments about “Ten Grand Goldie”, Einstürzende Neubauten have hit the right spot with their “comeback” single. This rhythmic and fascinating avant-garde pop track is the first taste from the Germans’ first proper studio album in 12 years. [more...]

Apr 2020 09

We have updated our Spotify playlist. [more...]

Julian & Marina – aiming for the timeless – short interview
Apr 2020 09

Julian Brandt has a prolific musical past as a solo artist and in pop bands like Bobby and Lustans Lakejer and Marina Schiptjenko hardly needs an introduction as her contribution to the synthpop scene has been evident since the early eighties. As Julian & Marina the two have created lush electropop with bossanova influences for almost ten years now. We had a brief chat with Julian in connection to their new album “For Beautiful People Only” about their sound, a new Lustans Lakejer album and a possible Bobby reunion. [more...]

Apr 2020 20

Karin Dreijer (The Knife, Fever Ray) has been inducted into the Swedish Music Hall of Fame. [more...]

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