Apr 2020 09

We have updated our Spotify playlist.

Sweden’s Pouppée Fabrikk are back with their first album in ages: “Armén” and we picked a track for our list. They are serious about what they do: uncompromising and primitive EBM. We hear hints of Henrik Björkk’s more experimental solo work.

And Mike Whyte has talked to Alex Paterson of The Orb (feature in progress) and reviewed the new album, which expands Paterson’s ambient and experimental electronic universe.

We threw in The Weeknd’s no 1 hit “Blinding Lights”, co-written and co-produced by Oscar Holter (Necro Facility). It’s extremely rare to see a synthpop/new wave track at the US top spot.

We also have new tracks from Nine Inch Nails, Einstürzende Neubauten, Rotersand, Black Nail Cabaret, Nuclear Sludge, Absurd Minds and Electro Spectre.