Feb 2020 04

Read our latest reviews of Pet Shop Boys, Squarepusher, Spark!, The New Division, Parralox and Underworld. With Niklas Forsberg and Peter Marchione back in the reviewer’s chair 100%, we have been able to increase the volume (but we still can’t cover all relevant releases, it depends). Head over to our review section.

Top 10 albums of the 2010:s by Don Gordon (Numb)
Feb 2020 04

Release Magazine asked Don Gordon from the pioneering industrial project Numb for his top albums of the decade (2010-2019). [more...]

On Stage: Kraftwerk, Nitzer Ebb, Sparks, Kite, Sparks etc
Feb 2020 04

We have updated our Nordic live guide On Stage with: Kraftwerk, Nitzer Ebb, Sparks, Kite, Misery Loves Co, Karin Park (pic), Memoria and more.

Top 10 albums of the 2010:s by Mattias Ziessow (Spark!)
Feb 2020 06

Release Magazine asked Mattias Ziessow from the EBM duo Spark! for his top albums of the decade (2010-2019). [more...]

Swedish EBM giants back with new album “Armén” – listen
Feb 2020 06

Legendary Swedish EBM act Pouppée Fabrikk will unleash their brand new album “Armén” (The Army) on the world on March 27th via Alfa Matrix in Belgium. [more...]

Feb 2020 07

German electropop outfit Beyond Obsession has just released their fourth studio album entitled “Revolution From Below”. [more...]

Music and performances of soaring imagination – Kårp interviewed
Feb 2020 07

Several breakthrough acts are now creating a vibrant new Gothenburgian underground, a scene with and enduring legacy built on bands from a wide range of genres as The Knife, In Flames, José González, Ace of Base, The Soundtrack of Our Lives and Mickey Dee, the former drummer in Motörhead.

Like those before them, many of the new avant gardists are rooted in the city’s vibrant soundsystem culture, and at the forefront there’s one of the most exciting bands on the Swedish scene in years. With just a few singles in their tote bag Gothenburg music collective Kårp embarked on an amazing journey. When they summarize they can put a well-received debut album, the 2020 single “Left Handed” and two Manifest Awards nominations (newcomer 2018 and synth 2019) on the list.

Nodding to atmospheric electropop, advanced electronica and, as they call it, deathdisco, on their debut “Album 1”, a work of soaring imagination, Kårp bring us more than music in their overall artistic formula. Kårp is not only music, it’s a spirit that penetrates everything what you see, hear and experience about the band.

When I covered Viva Sounds Festival in Gothenburg I met up with Kårp in their studio and had a chat about having focus on the songs, an amazing lazer dude and the mysteriousness surrounding the band. And because of that, we keep it secret; only Anna-Maria appears as herself in the interview. [more...]

New Agonoize EP with accompanying video
Feb 2020 10

German dark electro trio Agonoize has just released their latest EP entitled “A Vampire Tale” hot on the heels of album “Midget Vampire Porn”. [more...]

Synthpop partners prepare new BOO album
Feb 2020 10

Synthpop duo Battery Operated Orchestra, or BOO, featuring husband and wife combo Christopher Blackburn and Brigitte Sutherland have a new album cooking. [more...]

Feb 2020 12

The Best of 2019 list and a Spotify playlist from Release’s Editor-in-chief. [more...]

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