X Marks Pedwalk returns in September
Jun 2012 01

The legendary German dark electronic project X Marks the Pedwalk will return with the album “The Sun, The Cold and My Underwater Fear”. [more...]

Jun 2012 05

The guys in Code 64 just announced the title of their upcoming album, the successor to the critically acclaimed “Trialogue”. [more...]

New In Strict Confidence single this week
Jun 2012 05

Dennis Ostermann and his band In Strict Confidence are back later this week with the first single off their upcoming album. [more...]

Velvet Acid Christ back with new material
Jun 2012 07

Bryan Erickson in Velvet Acid Christ will bring us the new full length album “Maldire” on September 14. [more...]

Jun 2012 14

Berlin’s E-tropolis festival was supposed to take place in September 2012, but “the original date collided with the agendas of various high-profile artists”, the organisers write. [more...]

Jun 2012 16

In September we’re getting a brand spanking new album from Pet Shop Boys. [more...]

Celldweller’s “Wish upon a Blackstar” is finally out
Jun 2012 18

It’s been a long wait, even though Celldweller’s Klayton has released parts of this album as installments along the way. The first material was released as far back as 2009, and now in the year 2012 we have the completed album at last. [more...]

Henrik “Nordvargr” Björkk back with new project
Jun 2012 19

EBM veteran Henrik Björkk from Pouppée Fabrikk, MZ412 etc will return with a newly formed project called Nexus Kenosis. [more...]

Metroland fills the gap
Jun 2012 21

If you enjoy Kraftwerk and followers like Komputer you’re probably sad because there’s not too much of that stuff going on these days. Well, fret not, Metroland is coming for you! [more...]

Ayria returns with new single
Jun 2012 25

Jennifer Parkin and her project Ayria has just released a new single for your perusal while you’re waiting for the new album. [more...]

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