Surprise release of new Spark! album at Progress 15th anniversary
Dec 2019 01

Bodypop duo Spark! announced the release of a new album called “Chaos” directly from the stage yesterday. The album was then available at the merch stand, but the official release date is December 13. [more...]

Dec 2019 03

Recent updates of our Nordic live guide On Stage includes Front 242, Lindemann, She Past Away, Hell:Sector, Kite, Alphaville and more.

Industrial metal act Misery Loves Co. restart from “Zero” – interview
Dec 2019 04

Industrial metal band Misery Loves Co. took a 19 year break after their last album. We covered these talaented Swedes in the printed Release in the 90:s, a decade full of raving reviews, a Swedish Grammy award and extensive touring with acts like Paradise Lost, Slayer, Machine Head and Fear Factory. Now they’re back again, with a strong album of dark and moody rock with industrial influences. Eager to learn more, we asked Patrik Wirén a bunch of questions. “More bands should split up and disappear for a few years! I do believe the break made us a better band”, he says. [more...]

Dec 2019 08

We have updated our Spotify playlist with new tracks from Misery Loves Co., Nina, Digitalism, Red Mecca, Marilyn Manson, The New Division and Grimes.

Documentary campaign for “The History of Industrial Music”
Dec 2019 11

Chicago has long been recognised as the birthplace of American industrial music mainly due to the presence of label WaxTrax! Records. A crowd-funding campaign led by American filmmaker Chris Harris has started to realise the city’s music history. [more...]

Exclusive Mortiis video premiere – a return to “dungeon synth”
Dec 2019 13

Release hosts the premiere of the new Mortiis video “A Dark Horizon” (for Scandinavia except Norway). The clip will be unlisted until Sunday. The track is taken from his upcoming album, which marks an expansion of the “dungeon synth” (as he calls it) and ambient industrial sound of his early Cold Meat Industry days.

Watch the video and read his comments below. [more...]

“Wonder Woman 1984″ trailer to the sound of “Blue Monday”
Dec 2019 15

The first trailer for “Wonder Woman 1984″ showcases the films 80:s extravagant 80:s theme, to the sound of New Order’s “Blue Monday” (in an instrumental remix). Watch the trailer below. [more...]

Amphi festival program complete
Dec 2019 17

In a recent interview with Amphi festival organizers, they talked about how that it’s more and more important to book your live acts early. Well, the program for Amphi 2020 (July 25-26) in Cologne is already set. [more...]

Dec 2019 18

Recent updates in our Nordic live guide On Stage: Rammstein, A-ha (“Hunting High and Low” live), Lustans Lakejer, Fancy, record fair in Stockholm, Ekobrottsmyndigheten, Aesthetic Perfection, Lindemann changed venues – and more.

Dec 2019 19

We have asked a wide range of artists, record label owners and music profiles to list their 10 favorite albums of the decade (2010-2019). We’ll post their lists one by one, starting today! [more...]

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