Documentary campaign for “The History of Industrial Music”
Dec 2019 11

Chicago has long been recognised as the birthplace of American industrial music mainly due to the presence of label WaxTrax! Records. A crowd-funding campaign led by American filmmaker Chris Harris has started to realise the city’s music history.

In 2010, the idea started for a documentary that told the story of a scene that ruled underground music Stateside. Titled “The History of Industrial Music: The Chicago Way”, its focus is on the early 80:s scene’s rise, peak and the recent revival of underground industrial.

What comes to mind is the parallel production timeline with the WaxTrax! Records founders-focused film “Industrial Accident”. But while the music genre is the same, the core approach is admittedly different. If anything, “The History of Industrial Music” has an opportunity to capture what some hardcore fans missed after watching the “Industrial Accident” DVD.

Interviews have been captured with musicians Al Jourgensen, Jim Marcus, Buzz McCoy, Martin Atkins, Jason Novak, Charles Levi, En Esch, Tommy Victor, Curse Mackey, Eric Powell, and other key historical characters – DJ:s, club icons, studio owners and promoters.

The community campaign funds will be used to bring the passionate film project to a conclusion and on to cinema screens. Your opportunity to contribute online ends on 23 December.

The documentary preview trailer was timely viewed during the recent Pigface and Thrill Kill Kult tour. Some clips and the trailer can be viewed at and will eventually be released on DVD if all goes according to plan.