Pop Will Eat Itself: beyond reformation
Apr 2012 17

Release had an opportunity to speak with Graham Crabb, original member of Pop Will Eat Itself (PWEI) as drummer, vocalist and songwriter, backstage before a gig in Camden, London.

PWEI started in England 1986 as a guitar driven outfit with witty lyrics using hooky pop culture references tracks. For their genre, they still have an industrial electronic following in dance clubs. Their live show today has the same intensity of those tours back in the early 1990:s.


Alan Wilder-supervised Talk Talk tribute 2CD out now
Sep 2012 04

2012 finds Talk Talk being paid tribute by a number of peers, through new music and literature. [more...]

Men Without Hats tour starts on Friday
Jan 2013 29

This February, Montréal based electronic outfit Men Without Hats embark on their first European tour in 20 years. The tour starts in London on Friday and include Memmingen, Ingolstadt, Vienna, Cologne, Frankfurt, Hannover, Berlin, Hamburg, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Malmö and a final date in Release’s hometown Gothenburg on the 16th. [more...]

Pop Will Eat Itself unreleased lost album recovered
Aug 2013 23

Many disbanded music projects have been resurrected, and consequently reissuing older releases or extra studio session tracks. We have news of late 80:s phenomene Pop Will Eat Itself. Cherry Red Records (UK) is re-issuing a remastered “Dos Dedos Mis Amigos” by Pop Will Eat Itself with extra tracks, and a long lost new unreleased album on Monday (August 26) as a 2CD set. [more...]

Electronic music project Digital Geist from Connecticut rewires R.O.T.O.R.
Jun 2016 27

Release first caught on to Digital Geist in early 2003. This electronic music project from Fairfield, Connecticut has pressed on a with a few releases and multiple remixes. [more...]

ATR, PWEI and VAC headline Infest later this month
Aug 2016 17

It’s hard to believe there has been 17 Infests since the UK synthpop, EBM, industrial and goth festival’s debut in 1998. On August 26-28, it’s time for the 18th edition. [more...]

Two weeks left to the Dark Romandie Fest in Geneva
Aug 2016 25

Geneva’s electro-industrial Dark Romandie Fest comprises of three days (9-11 September) with two nights of live music. The top billed live music acts are Dawn of Ashes (US) and Phosgore (DE), with BAK XIII (CH) and Freakangel (EE). [more...]

The Gary Numan film starts theatrical tour, new album awaits
Aug 2016 26

The modern day career challenges of UK based industrial and synthpop legend Gary Numan is the main plot in a new rockumentary. [more...]

Sep 2016 10

Electronic duo Fixmer/McCarthy started their brief European live shows schedule with a show at Berlin’s Berghain. [more...]

Sep 2016 23

Today, industrial dance veterans Meat Beat Manifesto will be participating in the nostalgic Coldwaves music festival being hosted at the venue Metro in Chicago. It will be the first show in over 5 years for MBM members Jack Dangers and Benjamin Stokes. [more...]

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