Nov 2023 05

Henrik Karlsson is one half of the dark industrial duo Seven Trees, and recently he’s created a new side project for his more ambient music.


Nov 2023 07

The former Oomph! frontman Dero Goi has dropped his first solo single on Dependent Records. Watch the music video below. [more...]

SoftWave: Danish duo with a passion for classic synthpop
Nov 2023 15

The ambitious Danish synthpop duo SoftWave has just released their second album “Things We’ve Done” (Elektro-Shock Records). [more...]

Nov 2023 23

In a brave move, synthpop duo Red Cell has released an EP with synthpop covers of five famous Swedish hits. [more...]

Nov 2023 24

The new album from Pain is scheduled for 2024 and the industrial/electronic rock band just announced an 11-date long tour of the Nordic countries. [more...]

Many well-known guests on Julian Brandt’s synthpop album
Nov 2023 28

Julian Brandt (Lustans Lakejer, Bobby, Kamera) has just released his pop album “Into the Dark Night”, and the list of guest vocalists is nothing but impressive. [more...]

Kirlian Camera: 40 years and counting
Nov 2023 30

Italy’s Kirlian Camera have just announced their new double album and released a video clip for one of the songs – 40 years after their humble beginnings.