Kirlian Camera: 40 years and counting
Nov 2023 30

Italy’s Kirlian Camera have just announced their new double album and released a video clip for one of the songs – 40 years after their humble beginnings.

The new album is called “Radio Signals from the Dying” and will be out on Dependent Records on February 23, 2024. You are invited “to join them on an adventurous musical journey to occult dimensions and magical places of dangerous beauty and joyful darkness”. The album includes a Depeche Mode cover (“Wrong”) and The Sound cover (“Winter”), as well as Kirlian Camera’s version of their Solitary Confinement collab “The Great Unknown”. Preorders are open for the 48-page artbook with the two regular CD:s and a bonus CD (limited edition), the gatefold double LP on transparent red vinyl (also limited edition), and as the digisleeve double CD.

First out is the video clip for the album opener “Il Tempo Profondo”, which means “Deep Time”:

- One could say that “deep time” is the temporal immensity in which mankind is immersed in its relationship with Earth and geological phenomena. Hence our desire to bring this concept to music, focusing on liberation from the wheel-of-becoming, on which hatred, craving, and delusion are kept alive by mankind’s selfish desire. We embrace the idea to get as far away as possible from the lower dimension, which is our current 3-dimensional system, in an attempt to encounter subtle bodies on the way. Our video occasionally shows some extramodal figures that are elementary indications of space-time distortion. This is just a crutch, another way of saying that there is dilation, shrinkage, and pseudo-distortion of space-time, Elena Alice Fossi says.