Aug 2015 03

Psyche co-founder Stephen Huss has passed away. “My beautiful genius little brother played his last melody over the weekend”, Darrin Huss writes.

The return of Finnish synth band Advanced Art
Aug 2015 06

Advanced Art is a Finnish band from Tampere, that we followed in Release in the 80:s and 90:s. After releasing a bunch of singles and two albums they disbanded, but now Artoffact is bringing us some of the old material again.


Metroland member passed away in his sleep
Aug 2015 07

Passenger L (Louis Zachert) from skilled Kraftwerk-esque, Belgian band Metroland passed away in his sleep on August 3.   [more...]

Watch new video clip “Glow” by synthpop duo Ashbury Heights
Aug 2015 11

Watch the new video clip “Glow” by synthpop duo Ashbury Heights below. Their new, self-produced album “The Looking Glass Society” was released by Out of Line on July 24 (Niklas Forsberg is working on his review). [more...]

Skinny Puppy announces “Down the Sociopath Tour 2015″
Aug 2015 12

Skinny Puppy have announced the “Down the Sociopath Tour 2015″ this fall. [more...]

Johan Kinde is aiming at a mid-October release
Aug 2015 12

Johan Kinde is aiming at a mid-October release for his new album.


Watch the Amphi Festival “aftermovie”
Aug 2015 13

Watch Crazy Clip TV’s short Amphi Festival “aftermovie” below with impressions and highlights.  [more...]

Photo exhibitions with Release photographers
Aug 2015 13

On Monday, August 17, there’s a photo vernissage called Simulacrum with Release photographer Fredrik “Schlatta” Wik at Café Hängmattan (Musikens Hus) in Gothenburg.  [more...]

Aug 2015 14

If you can’t wait for the upcoming Haujobb album “Blendwerk”, you’re not alone. Luckily the band just released their new single “Input Error” on Bandcamp out of the blue, to help us get through this difficult time.  [more...]

Susanne Sundfør – Way Out West – Gothenburg – August 13 2015 – gallery
Aug 2015 14

Browse a collection of photos (with comments) from Susanne Sundfør’s Way Out West performance, by Fredrik “Schlatta” Wik, below. [more...]

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